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The Associated Press

ANCHORAGE — Alaska State Troopers say an avalanche survivor and another man have recovered the body of a Delta Junction man killed in the same avalanche.

Troopers say they were notified Tuesday over that the course of two days, 63-year-old Michael Hopper of Fairbanks and another man, Daniel Perpich, had hiked in and recovered the remains of 35-year-old Erik Peterson.

Peterson was killed Dec. 6 after he was caught in the avalanche while skiing in the eastern Alaska Range with Hopper.

The avalanche carried Hopper 150 feet down the slope, encasing all but his face and right arm in snow. Peterson landed 10 feet up the slope.

Hopper dug himself out after two hours. Troopers say Hopper dug into the snow where Peterson’s glove was and found his friend dead.

The state medical examiner’s office will perform an autopsy.