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DAVE WARD, Archbishop Murphy coach

(on how Lynden improved from season opener)

I think their line really improved, they were able to play well up front. Of course, they didn’t turn it over. We started trying too hard in the second half and the ball starting popping out. We have a lot of heart on this team and we came in here to win this game. They wanted to turn it around, and have the momentum go our way, but I mean that’s a good team. They’re a senior dominated team. They executed well.

(on Lynden’s dual-threat quarterback Jordan Hastings)

He added the running game to their offense and that really puts the pressure on when they can spread, he can get that many yards. We didn’t finish a couple drives that would’ve given our defense a rest. I think they did improve. And we have some injuries we’re trying to deal with. It’s tough.

(injury status of Alex Martinez)

He’s been hobbled by his calf muscle, pulled a muscle in his calf. It’s real painful trying to get through the last couple weeks on it. It’s just started to come apart on him today.

(injury status of Jacob Clark)

Jake’s pretty banged up. He’s a tough kid. Those seniors didn’t want to leave the field and their bodies were hurting.

(final thoughts on this year’s group)

I think the closeness of the team, and the players really had a nice relationship. They believed in each other. When we were down and things were tough early in the year, they never quit and they kept battling. It wasn’t as indicative today, but I think one of the traits of this team is that closeness, that battle-toughness. They really had a great heart.

(thought on next year, having a lot of talented juniors)

We can’t rest on the fact that we have a lot of good juniors coming back. I think we have to prepare as if it’s all brand new and we have to start from scratch and work hard in the offseason. We’re going to have high goals next year, but that means we’re going to have a great work ethic and a training room that’s really active.

WR/DB JACOB CLARK, Archbishop Murphy

(on if Lynden improved over the year)

We both came in high intensity, they just came in a little hotter. We knew we had to bring our best game, I guess it just wasn’t enough.

(when things swung in Lynden’s favor)

I felt that we had a chance the entire game, you can win any game at any time. It’s just how hard you work to win it. We fought to the end.

(did Lynden do anything different offensively?)

We knew they were a tough team. We knew he (Hastings) could run it. There are so many threats on their team that you never know what they’re going to do. They all played a helluva game and I wish them the best of luck next week.

OL/DL JAKE HINES, Archbishop Murphy

(on if Lynden improved over the year)

They improved a lot. We improved a lot. We just came out flat. We could’ve done a lot better in a lot of aspects, I think.

(did they do anything different offensively?)

We knew what they were going to do, we just couldn’t perform.

(thoughts coming in to his game after Lynden ended your season last year)

I’ve been thinking about this game so much. Just to do it for my brother (Freddie), for the seniors last year. We wanted to win so bad.

(thought on senior class)

I love all the guys. It was the greatest time in my life playing with these guys. I’ll never forget it.


(thoughts coming in, playing Wildcats second time this season)

That first game we came out really flat. We had some injuries early on that killed us. Ryan Seto was sick. So we came out this game with a lot of fire. That first drive really helped when we got a touchdown.

(scoring early set the tone)

We haven’t seen our offense do what it can do all year. I think today our offense really exploded. We knew what we could do and we did it.

(was this your best game of the year?)

I think so. Offensively, we could do anything we wanted. We could throw the ball, and if they took the throw away we could run the ball.

(on Lions defense)

Our defense stepped up. They’ve really grown together over the season.

(on being a dual-threat QB)

We really showed we can do both today.