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For the past 14 years, Deloy Dupuis has spent his workday behind the wheel of a Metro bus. On Monday morning, as the commute was winding down, the 64-year-old driver was shot doing his job.

He survived, miraculously, despite wounds to his face and arm. He was released from Harborview Medical Center on Monday afternoon.

Over on Reddit, we noticed this call-out, asking for people to show bus drivers some support:  “As a car-free urbanite I rely on the buses, riding them nearly everywhere I go. Today’s shooting is giving me a serious case of the sads. I thought maybe we could all share something nice about bus drivers as a show of support for them, thankless and fraught as their jobs often are.”

We thought our readers might also have thoughts to share about their favorite bus driver. After all, they are the people you see every day, who may give you the first friendly greeting of the morning. They are there to pick you up after a long day at work, and they sometimes have to deal with passengers who bring their troubles aboard.

So tell us about your driver. We’ll collect the best responses and share them with you below. Leave them here in comments, tweet them @seattletimes or email them to

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