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The abstract painting, Onement VI, by Barnett Newman, sold yesterday for $43.8 million. The seller was Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. (Photo / Wiki painting)

The painting above, by Barnett Newman (1905-1970), went up for auction yesterday on behalf of its owner, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and sold for $43.8 million. (The sale price reportedly was far and above what folks had estimated it might garner.)

Details of the sale are all over the Internet today, but it first came to our attention via a post by John Cook at Geek Wire, who noted that Allen “must have a pretty good eye for investing in art.” Amen.

The price set a record for a Newman painting sold at auction.

The painting is huge, 812 feet by 10 feet. And it’s certainly a rich blue.

We have to admit, though, that we don’t know much about abstract expressionism. Newman wrote a lot about it.

The only thing we know for sure is this: $43.8 million is a lot of money.