LONDON (AP) — Crowds massed along the streets of London to say farewell to Queen Elizabeth II, whose state funeral on Monday drew kings, princes, presidents and prime ministers from around the world.

Dozens of Buckingham Place staff stood in a neat line in the palace courtyard, and many bowed or curtseyed as the coffin passed by.

Dense crowds packed the route through the ceremonial heart of London, and many thousands lined the more workaday suburban roads that the hearse took on its journey to Windsor Castle for the queen’s burial in the royal vault.

A woman with a floral hat in Hyde Park had tears streaming down her face; another held a white tea cup with a crown emblem; and a man draped in a Union Jack flag held a Paddington Bear toy. Members of the public bowed as they listened to the service at Westminster Abbey.

Britain’s royal transition

The United Kingdom held two minutes of silence followed the service, after which the attendees sang the national anthem, now titled “God Save the King.”