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BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts woman who pretended to have cancer and stole nearly $1 million from an acquaintance that she used to buy jewelry, furs and a vacation has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Federal prosecutors say 34-year-old Sager Kopchak in 2009 asked to stay with someone she knew for a few weeks while she underwent cancer treatment. She stayed rent-free for several months and during that time stole her host’s checkbook.

Over eight years, she stole nearly $1 million by forging checks and using the stolen checkbook’s routing numbers.

She used the stolen funds to buy diamond earrings, five fur coats worth $21,000 and an $11,000 trip to the Bahamas.

Kopchak, who was also sentenced Wednesday to three years of probation, pleaded guilty in September to bank fraud.