The other Washington wants to share more than just a name.

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Well, that escalated quickly.

On Wednesday, we politely informed our nation’s Capitol the attempted theft of our statehood name was an affront. You can’t be the state of Washington, too, we chided. What will they try to take next — our beards? The Space Needle? The SuperSonics? (Oh, wait …)

In response, we’ve received not one, but two public smackdown letters (and several private ones, too, from D.C. denizens!).

“Apparently the drizzle in the Seattle air has clouded your West Coast thinking,” wrote Tom Sherwood for the Kojo Nnamdi show. “We get to choose our name like any other state jurisdiction. There are two Carolinas and two Dakotas, why not two Washingtons?”

(Quick: Where’s Mount Rushmore, again? The Badlands? Fargo?)

Meanwhile, WAMU 88.5’s Martin Austermuhle noted D.C. has better transit (We’re working on it, OK!), a successful tunnel-digging machine ( … ) and a Capitol Hill with an actual Capitol (ours has endearing quirks, though, like its unearned name!).

“Washington, D.C. is simply the greater of the two Washingtons,” Austermuhle said.

Fighting words!

All joking aside, though, it’s clear what many in D.C. actually want is not to steal, but to share.

And not to share a name (and seriously, back off), but to share representation at the highest levels of our federal government. To share a voice and to have a vote.

It’s a principle many believe is essential to calling yourself an “American,” a name we already share.