YAKIMA — A group of community members, mostly family of missing 4-year-old Lucian Munguia, gathered for a vigil Saturday night at Sarg Hubbard Park in Yakima.

The family is leading search efforts for Lucian, who was last seen Sept. 10.

Lucian, who has autism, was last seen wearing blue shorts and a blue shirt with a shark on it. He was seen headed south and east across the park’s parking lot in the direction of the Yakima River and other bodies of water.

Lucian’s aunt Amy Bailey said there is a group of about a dozen experienced hikers carrying out searches in thick, dense brush along the water and Greenway, but few new volunteers joined the effort Saturday.

“We were hoping that since it was the weekend that people had the day off so they’d want to come, but unfortunately we haven’t had as many people,” Bailey said.

She said the family, who has a base of operations at Sarg Hubbard Park where volunteers can pick up missing child posters or join the search, did get visits from a group and individuals Saturday who wanted to show support.


“We’re not stalling. We’re still moving forward, and that’s good news,” Bailey said during the vigil, thanking the volunteers and other family members for their support and efforts.

She said she hopes to reach more people Sunday through outreach near the farmer’s market in downtown Yakima and businesses once they reopen for the week Monday.

“Don’t let this story, where it’s at, don’t let it die,” she said.

Sarah Bailey, also an aunt of Lucian’s, said people can come out to volunteer regardless of their hiking experience. She said the family is looking to expand the search into residential areas, which could be a job for people who aren’t able to climb through brush.

Helping clean up base operations or bringing food and drinks for the searchers also would help, she said.

“We are still out here,” Sarah Bailey said. “There’s someone out here all night, there’s someone out here until the morning, and then a bigger group forms at six in the morning. My uncle sleeps in his truck out here just in case he comes.”


The family also has a Facebook group where they are sharing updates.

Yakima County search and rescue pulled back their efforts earlier this week, but law enforcement are still in contact with the family.

Yakima Police Department public information officer Yvette Inzunza said in an email Saturday that police are still actively investigating, but there are no new updates.

Contact the Yakima Police Department at 509-575-6200 or 911 with any information or tips. People may also email YPD@yakimawa.gov.

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