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MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The Vermont Senate on Tuesday approved a domestic terrorism measure intended to hold someone accountable for taking substantial steps to plot mass killings or destruction, in response to allegations that a Vermont teen plotted a mass shooting at his former high school.

Eighteen-year-old Jack Sawyer, of Poultney, was accused of planning to shoot up Fair Haven Union High School. He was arrested in February, a day after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead.

Earlier this month, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that planning does not amount to an attempted crime, so Sawyer should not be held without bail.

Based on that ruling, prosecutors on Monday dismissed the four most serious charges — including attempted aggravated murder — against Sawyer. He faces lesser charges of criminal threatening and carrying a dangerous weapon. He remained jailed on Tuesday on $100,000 bail.

After the Supreme Court decision, Republican Gov. Phil Scott urged lawmakers to establish a domestic terrorism statute and to close “existing loopholes” related to the attempt law, although they cannot retroactively be applied to Sawyer’s case.

Students from Fair Haven also lobbied legislators for changes to criminal statutes.

“Obviously, the design is that we can hold somebody accountable if they’re actually planning this, but at the same time, again, I think we always have to take pause to make sure that we’re not bringing innocent people into these laws,” said Democratic Sen. Richard Sears, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Having horrible thoughts is not against the law, he said.

“But if they take steps to attempt to do what their thought process is then that is where this would come in,” Sears said.

Another part of the bill would make it a felony to carry or possess a firearm with the intent to injure multiple people.

Democratic House Judiciary Chairwoman Maxine Grad said she hoped her committee would take testimony on the domestic terrorism proposal on Wednesday.

Sears said changing the attempts law needs to be studied carefully.

He said he would work with Grad on the domestic terrorism measure.

“We’ll move that bill and get it to the governor as soon as possible,” he said.