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HONOLULU (AP) — Vandals broke into an Oahu cemetery tomb and scattered human remains, prompting a police investigation.

Volunteers cutting grass at Sunset Memorial Park found the desecrated remains this past weekend, Hawaii News Now reported Monday.

The volunteers said an empty cement box was found inside one of the tombs and a pile of bones and bone fragments were dumped in another tomb nearby.

“The thing now is we don’t know which cubbyhole the remains came out of,” said Peter Fernando, one of the volunteers who discovered the vandalism.

Fernando said the cemetery owner, Rev. Lago Dozinn, assisted with handling the remains and resealing them.

Attempts by Hawaii News Now to contact Dozinn were unsuccessful.

The incident is the latest of a string of vandalism and homelessness issues at the cemetery. And because Sunset Memorial Park doesn’t have regular maintenance workers or security guards, it’s unclear when the desecration happened.

“This shouldn’t be happening,” Fernando said. “I wish somebody from the Senate or anybody would come out here and do something about this.”

Lui Moefu, who has family buried at Sunset Memorial Park, said the cemetery would be brought back to “how beautiful it was before” if the city or state were to get involved.


Information from: KGMB-TV,