Joining worried parents across the country, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy announced Tuesday on Twitter that his 4-year-old daughter had tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Staring at my daughter’s positive test, I asked myself the same questions many parents have asked: Will my child be OK? Could I have done more to protect her? Was this my fault? In these moments, it doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or Surgeon General,” Murthy wrote. “We are parents first.”

Infection in otherwise healthy children is normally less severe than in adults, but Murthy told followers that his daughter is still experiencing a fever and sore throat and “isn’t her usual bubbly self.”

More on the COVID-19 pandemic

In a series of tweets, Murthy shared reflections on having a child with COVID-19. His sentiments echoed what many parents have felt as states begin to drop mask mandates in schools and the Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve the vaccine for children under 5. Murthy wrote that while he wishes a vaccine was available for his child, he knows that a “safe, effective vaccine” for kids under 5 is a top priority for the FDA.

As views on the pandemic remain polarized, Murthy reminded followers that at the end of the day most people want the same thing: to keep themselves and loved ones safe.

“Hold your kids and your loved ones close. That’s what we will do with our daughter until she’s better and for as long as possible thereafter,” Murthy concluded.