Trump was a vocal supporter of Knox during her incarceration and trial in Italy and, according to The New York Times, is not happy that the Seattle native voted for Hillary Clinton for president.

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Back in 2011, Donald Trump tweeted that he believed Seattle native Amanda Knox was innocent. More than once.

In fact, Trump spoke out on Knox’ behalf at the time and “tweeted five times in support of her, proclaiming her innocence and blasting the U.S. government for allegedly not doing enough to help her,” wrote Greg Hadley of The McClatchy Company.

Knox had been spending a year abroad in 2007 when her roommate was murdered. Knox, her boyfriend and another man were convicted in the death of Meredith Kercher. The twisted case went all the way to the Italy’s highest court where, in 2011, Knox’s overturned conviction was upheld.

When Knox was acquitted, Trump called it good news indeed.

But, according to an interview with the New York Times, Trump is now angry with Knox because she was open and unapologetic about voting for Hilary Clinton in 2016.

The allegation that Trump is angry with Knox came from the Times’ interview with Trump’s neighbor, friend and adviser, George Guido Lombardi, who said Trump had asked him to look into her case when he was in his native Italy.  Lombard told  the Times reporter that the president was “very upset” with Knox.

In a column for the West Seattle Herald last year, Knox defended her decision to support Clinton over Trump, acknowledging that Trump had believed in her during her worst and most “vulnerable moment” but also listed the many political issues on which they differ and argued that he was not entitled to her political backing.

“Politics is not a tit-for-tat game,” she wrote in the column. “It’s not: I helped you, now you help me.”