At a Florida rally Tuesday night, Trump told the crowd to “make sure you get out and vote, Nov. 28.” Election Day is actually Nov. 8.

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Donald Trump on Tuesday night urged his supporters to vote on Election Day – but he got one key fact wrong.

In the opening moments of a rally Tuesday night in Palm Beach City, Fla., Trump told the crowd to “make sure you get out and vote, Nov. 28.”

The problem with that advice? Election Day is actually Nov. 8.

Later in the rally, Trump correctly listed the date.

Trump kicked off the rally by alleging that hacked Clinton campaign documents show that Hillary Clinton “is the vessel (of) a corrupt global establishment that’s raiding our country and surrendering the sovereignty of our nation.”

He praised Wikileaks for releasing the documents and providing voters a “window” into “the secret corridors of government power.”

Trump repeated his threat to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s use of a private email system during her tenure as secretary of state. The Justice Department investigated and in July did not recommend criminal charges against Clinton.

“We have to investigate Hillary Clinton and we have to investigate the investigation,” he said.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign says the FBI is investigating the criminal hacking of the Democrat’s top campaign adviser.

John Podesta says he was in touch with the FBI on Sunday and alerted of the investigation. He says the campaign has also been told that the investigation into Podesta’s email is part of the ongoing investigation into the hacking of the Democratic organizations by Russian intelligence.

Podesta says Russia’s “interference” in the election and apparent attempt to influence it on behalf of Republican Donald Trump should be of “utmost importance” to all Americans.

Podesta would not confirm the authenticity of his leaked emailed. He noted that the Russians have doctored documents in past hacking incidents.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States on Tuesday denied his country tried to influence the election, including by hacking the emails of Clinton administration officials.