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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A human torso was found Thursday in an abandoned building being searched by Connecticut police as part of an investigation into the discovery two weeks ago of a pair of severed arms and legs elsewhere in New Haven.

State and local police, using cadaver dogs, began searching two buildings, which share a parking lot, after receiving a tip Wednesday that a homeless victim in the case may have spent time in one of the buildings.

Officer David Hartman said the torso was found Thursday hidden inside the former Salvation Army Family store.

The torso has not been identified, and Hartman said police will not speculate on whether the remains are linked to the other discoveries. The remains have been sent to the state forensic lab for testing.

The legs were found on July 15 in thick foliage along the fence line of the State Street railroad station.

The two arms, which did not have hands attached, were found nearby on a ledge underneath a bridge in a plastic bag later the same day.

The legs were matched by DNA testing to 54-year-old Ray Roberson, a homeless man who had last been seen in May.

Hartman said police do not have the final test results on the arms, but have been told by the state forensic experts that they are most likely Roberson’s.

No other members of the city’s homeless community are known to be missing, he said.

Police said they are still searching for other remains.

He said the homeless community has provided key leads in the investigation. He noted it was a homeless man who led police to the legs, and others who told them where Roberson used to sleep.