Small changes help. Bring your own cup for to-go coffee, your own bags for bulk food and the farmers market.

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To reduce personal waste, Tippi Thole suggests making these swaps. Small changes add up!

Out & About

Instead of a disposable coffee cup: Bring your own reusable to-go cup, or dine in.

Instead of bottled drinks, plastic cups: Skip them, or bring a water bottle.

Instead of plastic straws: Skip them, or use reusable stainless-steel or silicone straws.

Instead of takeout containers: Bring your own containers for leftovers or takeout.


Instead of plastic shopping bags: Reusable tote bags.

Instead of produce bags: Skip them, or use reusable mesh bags.

Instead of packaged food: Bring your own containers to bulk-food stores and farmers markets (check for package-free stores near you).

Instead of packaged snacks: Make your own.

Instead of new clothes, furniture, sports gear, etc.: Buy secondhand whenever possible.


Instead of household cleaner: Make your own with vinegar, water and lemon juice.

Instead of paper towels: Cloth rags.

Instead of plastic sandwich bags: Reusable cloth bags or food storage containers.

Instead of paper napkins: Cloth napkins.

Instead of paper bills and statements: Electronic bills and statements.

Instead of catalogs: Cancel them.

Personal Care

Instead of liquid soap: Bar soap.

Instead of bottled shampoo: Bar shampoo.

Instead of disposable razor: Stainless-steel safety razor (blades can be recycled).

Instead of shaving cream: Shaving bar.

Instead of tissues: Handkerchiefs.

Instead of cotton rounds: Reusable fabric rounds.

Instead of plastic toothbrush: Bamboo toothbrush.

Instead of mouthwash: Make your own.

Instead of toothpaste: Make your own.

Instead of tampons: Silicone menstrual cup.

Instead of sanitary pads: Reusable cotton pads.