Some of the worst natural disasters to batter Haiti:

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Some of the worst natural disasters to batter Haiti:

– 1770: Strong earthquake devastates Port-au-Prince in then French colony.

– 1842: Earthquake destroys Cap-Haitien and other cities in northern Haiti and Dominican Republic.

– 1935: Unnamed storm kills more than 2,000 in Haiti before moving on to Florida as hurricane, where 400 die.

– 1946: Magnitude-8.1 quake strikes Dominican Republic and Haiti, causing tsunami that kills 1,790 people.

– 1954: Hurricane Hazel kills hundreds in Haiti.

– 1963: Hurricane Flora leaves more than 6,000 dead in Haiti and Cuba.

– 1994: Hurricane Gordon blamed for hundreds of deaths in Haiti.

– 1998: Hurricane Georges destroys 80 percent of Haiti’s crops while killing more than 400.

– May 2004: Three days of heavy rains cause floods that kill more than 2,600.

– September 2004: Tropical Storm Jeanne causes flooding and landslides that kill 1,900 and leave 200,000 homeless in Gonaives, Haiti’s third-largest city.

– October 2007: Tropical Storm Noel triggers mudslides and floods, killing at least 57 Haitians.

– August and September 2008: Three hurricanes and tropical storm kill some 800 in Haiti, devastate crops and cause $1 billion in damage.

– Jan. 12, 2010: Magnitude-7.0 quake levels buildings in Port-Au-Prince, raising fears of tens of thousands of deaths.

Sources: Associated Press archives, U.S. Geological Survey.