Many high-profile men in Hollywood, politics, media and business have recently faced allegations ranging from sexual misconduct to rape.

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Many high-profile men in Hollywood, politics, media and business have recently faced allegations ranging from sexual misconduct to rape. A look at some of the men accused:

Tom Ashbrook, longtime NPR host — Accused by 11 mostly young women and men of unwanted hugs, necks and back rubs and “creepy” sex talks. He was put on leave from his show “On Point.”

Celebrity chef Mario Batali — Accused by four women of groping and grabbing employees and others. He apologized, gave up oversight of his restaurant empire and took leave from his ABC cooking show, “The Chew.”

Eddie Berganza, group editor of DC Comics — Accused of forcibly kissing and groping three women. He was fired.

Celebrity chef John Besh — Accused by 25 women of sexual harassment. He has stepped down from the company he founded.

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News reports of sexual-assault allegations could be a trigger for victims and survivors of abuse. Here are some resources:
  • The King County Sexual Assault Resource Center offers a 24-hour resource line (888-998-6423). Additionally, KCSARC can help connect people with therapy, legal advocates and family services (
  • UW Medicine’s Center for Sexual Assault & Traumatic Stress ( offers resources, including counseling and medical care. For immediate help, call 206-744-1600.
  • For readers outside King County, the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs lists 38 Washington state providers that offer free services. (
  • RAINN: Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network provides a free, confidential hotline (800-656-4673) and online chat ( with trained staff members.

Billboard magazine executive Stephen Blackwell — Accused of sexual harassment by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.

U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich. — Accused of sexual harassment involving staff members. Resigned from Congress.

Charles Dutoit, artistic director and principal conductor of London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra — Accused by three opera singers and a classical musician of sexually assaulting them.

Gordon Edelstein, artistic director at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Conn., and former artistic director (1997-2002) of Seattle’s A Contemporary Theatre — accused by four women of unwanted sexual contact in New Haven and also of sexual misconduct against an actor/director in Seattle.

U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas — Accused by a former aide of sexual harassment, he said he won’t seek re-election in 2018.

New Republic publisher Hamilton Fish — Multiple sexual-harassment allegations. He announced his immediate retirement on Dec. 5.

Actor James Franco Accused by three actress of sexual misconduct or exploitation. He has denied their claims.

U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. — Accused by seven women of improper conduct. On Dec. 7, he announced he would leave the Senate at the end of 2017.

U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz. — Announced his immediate resignation from Congress Dec. 8 after the House Ethics Committee began an investigation into complaints that he had asked two female staff members to be a surrogate to bear his child.

Director-producer Gary Goddard — Accused by two actors of sexually molesting them as children and sued by a Seattle man alleging sexual assault when he was a teen. Goddard, who denies the allegations, is on leave from his company.

Journalist Mark Halperin — Accused of harassing about 12 women while at ABC News. Book contract terminated. Fired from NBC News. He denied some of the allegations.

Actor Dustin Hoffman — Accused by a woman of sexual harassing her when she was 17. He has apologized for his behavior. Other women have come forward with accusations, which he has denied.

Garrison Keillor, former host of “A Prairie Home Companion” — Fired by Minnesota Public Radio over a single allegation of improper behavior.

Kevin Klock, CEO of Talking Rain Beverage — Accused of sexual assault by one employee who is now suing him and the King County-based company. He abruptly left his job in March 2017.

Actor Robert Knepper — Accused by one woman of sexual assault. He denies the allegations.

Judge Alex Kozinski, 9th  U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — Accused by at least 15 women of inappropriate touching and lewd comments over several decades, he announced Dec. 18, 2017, that he would resign immediately.

Artforum publisher Knight Landesman — Accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and sued by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.

Pixar co-founder and Walt Disney Animation chief John Lasseter — Announced he is taking a six-month leave of absence citing “missteps” with employees.

“Today” show host Matt Lauer — Fired by NBC for “inappropriate sexual behavior” involving a network employee.

Comedian Louis C.K. — Accused by five women of sexual misconduct. Planned release of film “I Love You, Daddy” halted. Netflix special canceled. He says the allegations are true and has apologized.

Washington state Rep. Matt Manweller — Records from two investigations show former students at Central Washington University complaining about Manweller, their professor. CWU placed him on leave.

Seahawks broadcaster and former Husky star Warren Moon — Accused of sexual harassment by a woman who works for a sports marketing firm led by the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Alabama politician Roy Moore — Four women interviewed by The Washington Post say Roy Moore pursued them when they were teens and he was in his early 30s, episodes they say they found troubling as they got older. Other accusers spoke out. Moore, a former Alabama state Supreme Court justice, lost his bid for a U.S. Senate seat Dec. 12.

NPR news chief Michael Oreskes — Accused of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment by at least four women while at The New York Times, NPR and The Associated Press. He has been ousted from NPR.

Actor Jeremy Piven — Accused by three women of sexual misconduct. He denies all allegations.

Amazon executive Roy Price — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He resigned from Amazon.

Filmmaker Brett Ratner — Accused by at least six women of sexual harassment. Playboy shelved projects with Ratner, and he stepped away from Warner Bros. related activities. He denies the allegations.

Television host Charlie Rose — Accused by eight women who told The Washington Post he made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including groping them. CBS News fired him; PBS halted production and distribution of his nightly interview show.

Producer Chris Savino — Accused of harassing up to 12 women. Fired from Nickelodeon. He has apologized for his behavior.

Actor Steven Seagal — Accused by two women of rape. He denies the allegations.

Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons — Accused of sexual coercion and by three women of rape. He denies the allegations and resigned from his companies.

Radio and TV host Tavis Smiley — Suspended by PBS after an independent investigation found “multiple, credible allegations” of sexual misconduct. He denies the allegations.

Actor Kevin Spacey — Accused by at least 14 men of sexual misconduct or assault. London police reportedly investigating a sexual assault. Fired from “House of Cards” and to be replaced in Ridley Scott’s completed film “All the Money in the World.” His former publicist has said he is seeking unspecified treatment.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor — Accused by two women of sexual misconduct. Strenuously denies allegations but will not return as star of the Amazon series “Transparent.”

White House reporter Glenn Thrush — Suspended by The New York Times while it investigates accusations that he made unwanted advances on young women while he worked as a reporter at Politico and the Times.

Writer-director James Toback — Accused by hundreds of women of sexual harassment. Beverly Hills police investigating complaints. He has denied the allegations to the Los Angeles Times.

President Donald Trump — Thirteen women have publicly accused Trump of inappropriately touching them, including forcibly kissing them and grabbing their genitals. But he told the New York Times, “I don’t do it.” He has bragged about groping women and walking in on beauty contestants while they were changing clothes.

Webster Public Relations CEO Kirt Webster — Accused of sexual assault by one woman. Firm renamed and Webster is “taking time away.”

“Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.

Producer Harvey Weinstein — Accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment or assault. Fired by The Weinstein Co. and expelled from various professional guilds. Under investigation by police departments in New York, London, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. He denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex.

Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner — Accused by one man of sexual harassment. He says he did not intend to make the accuser uncomfortable.

Actor Ed Westwick — Accused by two women of sexual assault. The BBC pulled an Agatha Christie adaptation from its television schedule and halted production on a second sitcom starring the “Gossip Girl” actor. Los Angeles police are investigating. He denies the allegations.

New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier — Accused of sexually harassing numerous women. Removed from the masthead of The Atlantic magazine. He has apologized for his behavior.

NBC News’ top talent booker, Matt Zimmerman — Fired for “inappropriate conduct” with more than one woman at the network, which provided no further details.