The streaker at Sunday’s Super Bowl wasn’t naked. It was much, much worse.

This being Florida and 2021, the streaker at the 55th Super Bowl was wearing a pink Borat-style swimsuit, shorts and sneakers, obviously. One needs to be able to run.

It’s a choice to wear both the shorts and the full torso thong. Why not commit to the swimwear? As pictures show, the heavily tattooed man attempted to pull the shorts down at one point. A brave streaker would have started without the shorts.

Of course, you didn’t see the streaker on TV because you never see streakers on TV. They don’t want to encourage the behavior.

But it’s unlikely too many people — at least too many people who haven’t been drinking vodka and Red Bull for the last 10 hours — would look to emulate this fellow, who stripped partially naked during a global pandemic and exposed the world to his tattooed and the security staff to possibly COVID.

Unless of course this guy was one of those vaccinated health-care heroes. In which case, I guess, go for it?

Whoever he is, he definitely got a couple yards.