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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott has criticized Juneau’s bid for annexation, saying the state’s capital city is not being a good neighbor.

CoastAlaska News reports that at a conference on Wednesday, Mallott lambasted officials for trying to annex parts of nearby Admiralty Island.

The Assembly voted in January to add four parcels to its borough, including parts of northern Admiralty Island. It later dropped one parcel after hearing objections from Juneau cabin owners. Officials in Angoon, the island’s only city, also opposed the annexation, calling it a land grab.

Mallott says Juneau should respect the island residents’ objections by dropping additional parcels from the annexation plan.

Juneau Mayor Ken Koelsch says city officials have tried to work with Angoon, but couldn’t come up with a time to meet.