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RED OAK, Iowa (AP) — A judge has cited Iowa’s new “stand your ground” law in granting immunity to a man accused of shooting to death an attacker.

The ruling filed late Monday ordered the release of 39-year-old Kevin Staley, who was scheduled to go on trial Tuesday. He acknowledged shooting 27-year-old Devin Davis, of Villisca, on Oct. 11 near downtown Red Oak.

The new law says law-abiding people don’t have to retreat before using deadly force if they believe they’re in danger.

Judge James Heckerman says in his order that Staley was ambushed in an alley by two men wearing hoodies and bandannas as they screamed and ran toward him. Staley pulled his registered handgun after he was knocked down and shot one who turned out to be Davis. They both ran off, and Davis collapsed and died a few moments later.