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BULCHITNA LAKE, Alaska (AP) — A search is underway for a man missing from rural property near a lake east of Skwentna in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

Searchers are looking for signs of 67-year-old William Mazoch.

Mazoch spoke by phone Friday to a neighbor from his property near Bulchitna Lake.

The neighbor told troopers he was scheduled to meet Mazoch on Sunday but could not locate him on Mazoch’s property.

Troopers flew to the property by helicopter to begin a search. They report the water level on nearby Lake Creek to be extremely high and bordering on flood stage.

Searchers by aircraft and riverboat looked for Mazoch downstream from his property.

Troopers say a search will continue as weather and river conditions allow.

Mazoch’s next of kin was notified.