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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Scottsdale has dropped a marketing campaign aimed at luring entrepreneurs after it was slammed for pushing sexism and “bro” culture.

Scottsdale Economic Development this week debuted “Saguarbro” T-shirts at the South by Southwest trade show, where the agency has been touting the city as a startup hub.

The “Saguarbro” illustration showed a cactus with a hipster-looking man’s face. It stated the definition of saguarbro as “a dude or dudette who is part of the sharp, creative workforce in trendy Scottsdale.”

Several Twitter users immediately derided the campaign as not accurately representing women and it was dropped by the next day.

Director Danielle Casey posted an apology video on YouTube on Tuesday from the trade show.

She says the agency will host a public discussion next week about inclusion in tech.