The doctor wrote that Sen. Bernie Sanders had normal readings for blood pressure, pulse and blood count, and has no history of cardiovascular disease.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has suffered ailments over the years including gout, diverticulitis, hernias and a cyst on his vocal cord, but is in “very good health,” according to a letter from the congressional physician whose office has treated him for the past 26 years.

The letter, released Thursday by the Sanders campaign, was dated Jan. 20 and signed by Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician of Congress. He wrote that Sanders was last examined Nov. 18 and had normal readings for blood pressure, pulse and blood count. He said the senator has no history of cardiovascular disease.

Sanders, 74, was 6 feet tall and weighed 179 pounds, the doctor wrote.

“You are in overall very good health and active in your professional work, and recreational lifestyle without limitation,” Monahan concluded.

Monahan said Sanders had been treated for medical conditions including gout, mildly high cholesterol levels, diverticulitis, hypothyroidism, laryngitis stemming from esophageal reflux and lumbar strain. Sanders also has had some “superficial skin tumors” removed, he said.

Sanders takes levothryoxine (a thyroid hormone replacement) daily and uses indomethacin (an anti-inflammatory drug) intermittently, the doctor wrote.

Monahan said the senator’s surgical history included laparoscopic procedures to repair inguinal hernias on both his left and right sides, and the excision of a cyst on his right vocal cord.

Sanders does not smoke and uses alcohol “infrequently,” the doctor wrote. He said Sanders’ most recent colonoscopy, the date of which was not given, was normal.

Sanders said several weeks ago that he would release his medical records.

“The people of Iowa deserve to know before the caucus,” Symone Sanders, a spokeswoman for the Sanders campaign, said Thursday. “There is nothing surprising in these medical records. The senator is in great health, as he has previously said.”