Reddit limited access to a forum popular with supporters of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying that its users had violated rules prohibiting content that incites violence.

Visitors to the subreddit The_Donald were greeted Wednesday with a warning that the section had been “quarantined” and asking if they still wanted to enter.

Site administrators said that users of the online community had made threats against police officers and public officials.

“The reason for the quarantine is that over the last few months we have observed repeated rule-breaking behavior in your community and an over-reliance on Reddit admins to manage users and remove posts that violate our content policy, including content that encourages or incites violence,” Reddit wrote to the site’s moderators Wednesday.

“Most recently, we have observed this behavior in the form of encouragement of violence towards police officers and public officials in Oregon.”

The posts came amid a partisan feud in Oregon over a climate-change bill, in which Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, ordered state police to corral Republican lawmakers who had fled the Capitol. There was a one-day closure of the Capitol after threats of militia violence.