Beekeeper Benjamin Oppenheimer, 10, hadn’t thought much about the letter he wrote to President Obama in April until the recent arrival of a parcel.

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BOCA RATON, Fla. — Benjamin Oppenheimer, 10, has one honey of a pen pal: President Obama.

The Boca Raton beekeeper, whose bee wrangling has won him awards for his honey, wrote to the president praising the commander in chief’s plan to plant flowers in highway medians to promote pollinating foot soldiers.

“Thank you for sacrificing your time to help the bees,” Ben wrote.

He hadn’t thought much about the letter he wrote in April until he opened a parcel that showed up at the home he shares with parents, Missy Pierce Oppenheimer and Jeffrey Oppenheimer, last week.

“My dad told me the president receives thousands of letters a day and he only reads 10 of them,” said Ben, who also asked the president to suggest that more families host a honey-making hive like his.

In fact, Obama receives tens of thousands of letters, faxes and emails every day, according to the White House website. So when Ben opened the parcel that had sat on the mail table for a day or two, he was stunned to discover he was among the chosen.

“I could not believe it, I was like, ‘Whaaaa?’ ”

Sweetening the discovery: a small jar of honey stamped “White House Honey from the South Lawn.”

The Obamas, it turns out, are beekeepers too.

“Five years ago, the First Lady and I did something that has never been done before: we had a beehive installed in the backyard of the White House,” the president wrote. “It has helped our food grow and our flowers bloom, just like at your home.”

Ben, a fourth-grader at Grandview Preparatory School, tasted the honey and was pleased to discover it’s the same variety of the “Happy Bee Honey” he sells from his hive: wildflower.

He’s going to save the rest, though.

“Honey lasts 900 years,” he said.