OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — A military reservist who allegedly crashed his truck through a gate on the grounds where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lives was armed with two shotguns, a rifle and a revolver, and threatened Trudeau, according to prosecution documents made public on Monday.

Police allege that Corey Hurren brought a prohibited M-14 rifle, plus the shotguns and a revolver made by Hi-Standard when he entered the grounds on July 2. He’s also accused of having a prohibited high-capacity magazine.

In addition to 21 charges relate to the weapons, Hurren is accused of threatening to cause death or bodily harm to the prime minister. The exact nature of threat was not disclosed.

Police have said that Hurren, a 46-year-old on-duty member of the Canadian military reserves who also has a gourmet sausage business, drove from Manitoba and crashed his truck through the gate at 6:30 a.m. Thursday. The truck was disabled and he was spotted with a rifle before being contained in a greenhouse on the sprawling property in Ottawa. Police began talking to him and he was arrested two hours later.

Trudeau lives on the grounds of the property where Canada’s governor general resides but was not home at the time. The post of governor general, currently held by Julie Payette, is a mostly ceremonial position. Payette also was not home at the time.