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NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City man accused of posing as a doctor and treating more than 100 patients without a license has been arrested.

Prosecutors allege 43-year-old Donald Lee-Edwards posed as a clinical psychologist in a makeshift office in the basement of his Staten Island home. They say he prescribed antidepressants, sometimes calling pharmacies himself to avoid the need for a state-issued prescription pad.

Detectives launched an investigation when patients reported their suspicions that he may not be licensed.

Lee-Edwards pleaded not guilty Thursday on criminal impersonation, fraud, drug possession and other charges.

Acting Richmond County District Attorney Daniel Master says Lee-Edwards never had a medical license and previously worked as a flight attendant. He called him a “dangerous scam artist.”

His attorney says there is no evidence Lee-Edwards harmed anyone. He says he was just trying to help people in the community.