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Providence, R.I. (AP) — A local investigation has led to criminal charges against eight individuals and the seizure of at least 44 firearms.

The investigation by Project Safe Neighborhoods targeted individuals who were supposedly providing false information to federally licensed gun dealers in Rhode Island.

U.S. District Attorney Stephen Dambruch says five individuals have been tried in U.S. District Court, and three more in state court.

Defendants charged in federal court are Molyka Preap and Darien Young of Providence, Ademola Kayode Jr. of Warwick, Lucilo Mena of Cranston, and Tarriek Gill of Cumberland.

All were found separately in possession of firearms and have received counts of making false statements during purchase of said guns.

Project Safe Neighborhoods is a collaboration of federal, state and local law enforcement to reduce gun violence.

Attorneys were not immediately available for comment.