Jun. 12 — A boat attached to a truck that slid into the American River on Sunday night was pulled out by two divers and a tow truck Tuesday evening.

The owner of the boat and Ford F250, who only gave his name as Cody S., said he was getting the $1,500 boat into the water at the Sunrise Avenue river access ramp around 8 p.m. Sunday when the truck’s parking brake failed. Both the boat and the $6,000 truck slid into the river, Cody said, pulling in him and his wife.

“It was scary,” he said, describing the incident as akin to “being sucked into a vacuum.”

The couple escaped unharmed by swimming to the side of the river. But the strong current flipped the boat upside down and swept it, along with the truck, about 50 feet into the water, he said.

“I’m just happy that my wife and I are OK,” Cody said.

After getting back to land, the 36-year-old said he called 911 and reported what had happened. Park rangers responded to the scene, and the vehicle and vessel were scheduled to be removed Tuesday at 5 p.m., according to Sgt. Elmer Marzan, who’s with Sacramento County Regional Parks.


At the access ramp near the old Fair Oaks Bridge on Tuesday night, several families and children unaffiliated with the incident showed up to watch the truck and boat be removed from the water. Ten members of the Drowning Accident Rescue Team, two tow trucks and multiple park rangers helped take the vehicle and vessel out of the river.

Two DART divers swam to the front of the truck and hooked it to a tow truck, which slowly pulled it and the boat out of the water. The process took about two hours to complete.

Cody said he had recently bought the boat and the truck was old, so he wasn’t attached to either.

“Everything is for sale,” he joked. “Slight water damage, but extra clean.”


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