By latest count, 7.7 million people worldwide have watched this astounding video of a house with its Christmas lights synchronized to AC/DC’s 1990 hit, “Thunderstruck.”

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Oh, yes. There you are, sitting before that Christmas tree, listening to Andy Williams smoothly croon, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.”

You know what you need?


You can watch (and join, and by the latest count, 7.7 million people worldwide since Dec. 5), this astounding video of a house with its Christmas lights synchronized to the band’s 1990 hit, “Thunderstruck.”

You can thank Greg Jaeschke, 24, whose background is in electronics and lives in Shepparton, Australia, a town of 50,000 north of Melbourne. The one-story rambler he decorates has become quite the tourist attraction.

Others have done Christmas lights featuring rock songs, like a Metallica-themed one, or this “Jingle Bell Rock” light show.

But not quite like this.

From all the world, fans commented on Jaeschke’s Facebook page, “The Lord’s work!” “I think Santa will stay at this house extra long.” “wow man you rock!!”

In interviews with Australian media, Jaeschke comes across as a shy guy who lets his light show do the talking.

He began the show for the 2013 holiday season and got noticed with his take on the 1999 techno tune “Sandstorm” by the Finnish producer Darude.

Jaeschke kept adding to his repertoire each year.

“I’ve got a background in electronics and computers. I use the lights you buy in the shops and wire them into my controls,” he told the Australian TV show, “Sunrise Live.”

Sometimes he even uses pyrotechnics (with permission from the local fire department). That consists of flames shot from the roof of his home, using an aerosol can and an instant engine starter.

Each day in December Jaeschke adds one new song, and he spends six hours programming each one in one-minute chunks.

The music isn’t pumped out through loudspeakers but through a short-range FM signal.

Still, said Jaeschke, his neighbors aren’t too thrilled because sightseers just pump up the volume on their radios.

Jaeschke said he’s not particularly an AC/DC fan. He hasn’t heard anything from the band about his viral video, he said.

“Thunderstruck” had what he was looking for in Christmas lights, he said. It’s what has driven rock since the beginning.

You know how that goes.

“You have to find something with a good beat,” said Jaeschke.