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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — How many cinnamon rolls does it take to feed a presidential entourage? If you’re President Barack Obama and you’re unsure, you err on the safe side and take the whole bunch.

Obama paid a surprise visit Tuesday to Snow City Cafe, a hopping brunch spot in downtown Anchorage with a bit of hipster flair. Dressed down in a casual coat and sunglasses, he strolled past throngs of cheering crowds into the cafe, where it took just a few seconds for the cinnamon rolls to catch his eye.

“How many of those do you guys have?” Obama asked a bemused barista. “I’m going to take all of those.”

Feeling generous, perhaps, midway through his three-day trip to Alaska, Obama asked his staffers and even reporters if they wanted a pastry for the road. “Put a little sampler together,” he said.

Then the president waded through a thick crowd of cafe-goers, shaking hands and giving a few hugs.

One unfortunate White House staffer was seen carrying two giant cardboard boxes of pastries out of the cafe to the waiting motorcade.

Obama has made Anchorage his base as he tours various corners of Alaska this week. He flew by helicopter to Seward on Tuesday to hike the Exit Glacier and on Wednesday planned to visit the Alaska Arctic.

Obama may have worked up an appetite on the hike because, a few hours later, his motorcade pulled up to Sweet Darlings, a candy and ice cream shop in Seward. He ordered a gelato combo of “a little bit of coffee and a little bit of coconut” for himself.