A statewide union representing 140 nurses at Astria Regional Medical Center filed an emergency motion Friday asking the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to reconsider an order that authorized the closure of the Yakima hospital.

In the motion, attorneys for the Washington State Nurses Association argue the order should be reconsidered because Astria Health deprived interested parties, including the union, an opportunity to voice objections and did not sufficiently demonstrate the need to close immediately.

Astria Health filed a motion to close Astria Regional on Friday under seal. The documents were unsealed Wednesday afternoon after a hearing was held for the motion. Judge Whitman L. Holt authorized the closure, stating that the Yakima-based health-care organization provided a sufficient business decision to do so.

The union has asked the court to reconsider the order and set a hearing before the hospital’s closure, which could happen as early as Monday. While Astria Health has yet to provide the public or the Yakima Herald-Republic an exact date for closure, the union states that several nurses were told their last day was Friday.

“WSNA respectfully, but strenuously, asks this Court to reconsider its Closure Order and set a hearing, as soon as next week, so that the matter can be determined in an open court where all interested parties have had a fair opportunity to be heard,” attorney Darin M. Dalmat wrote. “The Bankruptcy Rules and U.S. Constitution require nothing less.”