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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) — An economic development nonprofit wants to enhance lighting in portions of Sioux City’s downtown to make it safer for pedestrians.

Downtown Partners outlined plans at a Tuesday meeting with City Council for a multi-phase project to brighten two major streets and the Missouri riverfront area. The organization’s board members said they’ve worked with city staff and several electric utility companies to identify dim or dark areas along downtown sidewalks as well as lighting solutions, the Sioux City Journal reported .

“First and foremost is safety, making people feel comfortable that they can basically walk the streets and not feel like they’re going to get mugged,” said Dennis Johnson, board president of Downtown Partners.

The first phase would install festooned lighting on one of the streets as early as this summer.

“It’s more mood lighting,” said board member Chris Jackson. “It’s going to make that area of our downtown feel very walk-able and very open and invite people to stay out and walk around.”

Executive Director Ragen Cote said the board estimates initial costs may be around $20,000. Cote said she hopes to have some lighting up as early as June.

The second phase would increase lighting along the two downtown streets, including new fixtures on light poles. The third phase would add LED lighting to areas underneath the skywalk system. The fourth phase would light walkways around the Missouri riverfront.

The 200 bulb-style lights currently used downtown reflect light in many directions rather than directly downward onto sidewalks. Jackson said board members are seeking alternative fixture styles to focus light along walkways.


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