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EL PASO, Texas (AP) — A federal judge has ordered a 36-year-old Mexican national held without bond in El Paso while he awaits trial on charges of trafficking cocaine and heroin.

Martin Arody Sanchez Aguirre is one of five men indicted earlier this month in what federal authorities say is a multi-year investigation targeting large quantities of heroin and cocaine smuggled into El Paso from across the Rio Grande in Juarez and then being distributed into the U.S.

Officials say more than 40 kilograms (88.18 pounds) of cocaine and 10 kilograms (22.05 pounds) of heroin have been seized so far.

Trial dates for Sanchez Aguirre and the four others indicted Sept. 13 are yet to be set. Authorities also said Thursday other members of the drug operation already are in federal prison.