GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — “President Donald J. Trump Interchange” or “President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama Interchange?” That is the soon-to-be fiercely debated question for state lawmakers in South Carolina whose preferences fall along clear partisan lines.

Each of the resolutions looks to name the junction of Interstate 85 and Interstate 385 near Greenville, where officials recently spent $300 million to build new bridges and untangle traffic. About 200,000 vehicles go through the area every day.

On Jan. 22, two Republicans introduced their resolution to name the interchange the “President Donald J. Trump Interchange.” The resolution said Trump kept his promises to improve the economy and defund Planned Parenthood despite attacks from the “fake media.”

Six days later, two Democrats introduced their resolution to name the same interchange the “President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama Interchange.” Their resolution praises Obama for keeping health care costs down, helping to pass a hate crimes law and winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Both resolutions are up for a hearing Thursday in the House Invitations and Memorial Resolutions Committee. There are seven much less contentious road naming resolutions on the agenda, along with a “Snakebite Awareness Month” recognition.