JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A man who was clearing a trail behind his property in south-central Alaska was found dead with wounds consistent with a bear attack, Alaska State Troopers said Thursday.

Troopers said they received a report late Wednesday that a Hope man who set out to clear a trail about a mile behind his property had not returned home and a dog that had gone with him came back alone.

The man’s body was found by family and friends in the area in which he had been working, troopers said.

Clay Adam, deputy chief with Cooper Landing Emergency Services, said local authorities received a call about 9:50 p.m. and when they arrived at the small, remote cabin learned the incident had occurred about a 45-minute to one-hour hike up the side of a mountain behind the residence. Given the darkness, there were safety concerns with trying to reach the area, Adam said.

People who had gone to the site earlier and returned were told not to go back or touch anything, and that troopers would be in charge of the scene, he said.

Cyndi Wardlow, a regional supervisor with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said based on preliminary information, officials believe the animal involved was a brown bear. She said efforts were underway to locate the bear and kill it.