FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas police officer who was fatally shot as he sat in his patrol car has been remembered for his integrity, professionalism as well as for his infectious smile and goofy laugh.

During a funeral service on Thursday, Fayetteville Police Officer Stephen Carr was honored by family, friends and fellow officers.

Carr was sitting in his patrol car outside police headquarters Saturday night when a man approached the vehicle and shot him several times at point-blank range. The suspect was shot and killed by two other officers.

Brian Carr, Stephen Carr’s uncle, fondly recalled his nephew, saying he was “all about competition, having fun, full of life, just the best kid I’ve ever known.”

Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds called the 27-year-old Carr one of his department’s finest young officers.

Carr was the son of a retired Houston police sergeant.

Reynolds said Carr wanted to be a police officer and make his father “so proud.”

Investigators say they are trying to determine why the suspect, London Phillips, killed Carr.