BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has been asked to form a new government, a day after his centrist minority government lost a no-confidence vote in parliament.

After holding consultations Thursday with political parties, President Klaus Iohannis selected his ally Orban.

Orban’s government lost a vote of no confidence in parliament on Wednesday over a bill that would have introduced changes to Romania’s election laws, including two-round elections in mayoral races and how Romanians living abroad can cast their votes.

Given that backdrop, there are doubts as to whether Orban will be able to form a new government, raising the prospect of early elections.

Elections are scheduled to be held in late 2020. Any early ballot might be possibly held in May or June.

Polls point to Orban’s National Liberal Party in the lead with around 45% support. The Social Democrats are polling at around 20%.