WOODLAWN, Md. (AP) — Records show the Maryland man who killed three people, set fire to his home and was fatally shot by responding officers last weekend had contacted 911 dispatchers at least 120 times over the last 24 years, The Baltimore Sun reported.

The violence erupted after years of disputes with neighbors, who said Everton Brown, 56, believed law enforcement authorities were invading his property.

According to a list of calls obtained by the newspaper, Brown initiated most of the calls for service to his home, including one call reporting a tooth he had kept wrapped in tissue had been stolen and another accusing the FBI of cutting his grass and entering his home. Brown would go months without a call to authorities, then call several times over multiple weeks.

In 2013, neighbors told dispatchers Brown threatened them through a bullhorn and said they were “concerned someone will get hurt.”

Police checked on Brown’s welfare at least eight times.

Neighbors have asked why police didn’t do more to intervene, given long-running complaints from neighbors. Citing privacy law, police declined to provide details about any interventions, including whether he had ever been taken for an emergency evaluation.