A herd of 200 goats briefly went on the lam through a California neighborhood before being rounded up, The Mercury News reported.

The rented herd of goats had been clearing vegetation on a hillside near the San Jose neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Trying to reach some flowers on the other side of an electrified fence, one of the goats somehow knocked it down, unleashing the herd on the neighborhood on Tuesday evening, KNTV reports.

“Eventually they escaped into the street and started eating all the plants in … everyone’s front yard,” said resident Zach Roelands, USA Today reported. The wayward goats also left a trail of droppings through the neighborhood.

Roelands posted a video of the “craziest thing I’ve seen all quarantine” to his Twitter account. The video had more than 2 million views as of Wednesday morning, with nearly 60,000 likes.

“Chaos,” Roelands wrote in a separate post. “Pure chaos.”

While the video shows Roelands and other neighbors trying to corral the goats, which filled neighborhood streets, it took a rancher only a few minutes to round them up, KNTV says.

Roelands said the goats are hired for a few days each year to clear vegetation on the hillside to prevent fire dangers, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“We had a tractor try to cut all the weeds a few years ago and it hit a rock and set the whole hill on fire,” Roelands said, according to The Mercury News.

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