ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta police say a woman who wrecked her car later stole the van of a TV news crew that came to cover the crash, ignoring the screams of a reporter who was still inside, and then wrecked that vehicle as well.

The WGCL-TV van was near the scene of the initial crash Tuesday morning involving Seniqua Lunsford, 38, news outlets reported. Police had arrived to investigate the crash when Lunsford got behind the wheel of the news van and drove off, Atlanta police spokesman Steve Avery said.

The station’s photographer had gotten out of the van, but reporter Iyani Hughes was still in the back, editing video. Avery said she yelled for help and tried to get the woman to stop, but she refused, so the reporter put on her seat belt. The van crashed about a mile (1.61 kilometers) from the first crash scene.

Hughes wasn’t hurt. Lunsford was taken to a hospital with an arm injury. Both women are pregnant, Avery said.

Police said Lunsford will be charged with kidnapping. It’s unclear whether she had an attorney who could speak for her.