TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A transgender black man was fatally shot by an officer in Florida after fatally stabbing another man and pointing a gun at the officer, authorities said.

Tony McDade, 38, was shot and killed by a Tallahassee police officer Wednesday after McDade fatally stabbed his next-door neighbor 21-year-old Malik Jackson, news outlets reported. McDade went by male pronouns on Facebook and local LGBTQ organizations identified McDade as a transgender man.

Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell said officers found Jackson suffering from fatal stab wounds in front of his mother’s home.

The suspect fled but was found 15 minutes later at a different apartment complex, Revell said.

McDade had a gun and pointed it at an officer, who then shot him, Revell said. Police haven’t released the officer’s identity but witnesses said the officer was white, news outlets reported.

During a news conference, Revell said there was no indication that the shooting was racially motivated nor was there an indication that the shooting was unjustified.


McDade posted a video on Facebook before the stabbing, stating he was going to get revenge on several men who attacked him the previous day. McDade also said he would have a standoff with police, adding “I’m living suicidal right now.”

Another social media video shows a group of men attack a person believed to be McDade.

Police said they were working to authenticate the videos.

McDade was arrested on May 4 and accused of aggravated assault and pointing a gun at someone. Police said McDade was carrying a BB gun and that he always carried a BB gun with him.

The shooting came days after the killing of George Floyd, a Minneapolis man who died while being detained by police.


This story was first published on May 29, 2020. It was updated on June 1, 2020, to correct the wrong pronoun used in one instance for a transgender black man who was fatally shot by police. The second paragraph should have said Tony McDade fatally stabbed his next-door neighbor, not ‘her’ next-door neighbor. Masculine pronouns were used for McDade elsewhere in the original story.