TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, fatally shot a naked man after he shot and killed a woman outside an apartment complex, authorities said.

Officers investigating reports Monday night of a naked man firing a rifle in the area found Dwayne Jackson with a rifle outside the complex, according to Capt. Richard Meulenberg said Tuesday.

Meulenberg said Rickia Crawford and another woman were trying to calm Jackson, with Crawford standing between him and the police.

“She was saying ‘don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him, you’ll have to shoot me first,’” as officers approached them, Meulenberg said.

“Literally in the blink of an eye he pointed the rifle at Mrs. Crawford and shot her point blank in the chest,” Meulenberg said.

The two officers then opened fire, striking Jackson, and both he and Crawford were taken to a hospital where they were pronounced dead, according to Meulenberg.


Police believe Jackson had been dating Crawford, Meulenberg said. The other woman at the scene was his mother.

Meulenberg said there were no other injuries and that it is not known yet how many rounds Jackson fired before officers arrived, but that numerous shell casings were found at the scene.

Both officers are on paid leave pending an investigation into the shooting. Their names have not been released.