MILWAUKEE (AP) — Prosecutors on Wednesday charged a Milwaukee man in a drive-by shooting that killed a pregnant mother of five who was on board a party bus.

Antion Haywood, 31, was charged with first-degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon. He was being held in the Milwaukee County Jail on $250,000 bail.

Haywood is accused in the death of Annie Sandifer, 33. She was on board a party bus outside a Milwaukee supper club early on Feb. 1 when a gunman in a passing car fired shots. Sandifer was struck in the head. The bus drove to a hospital, but she didn’t survive. Doctors were able to deliver her baby by emergency cesarean section. Police have said the baby, delivered just 26 weeks into pregnancy, was in stable condition.

A witness who was in the group that arrived at the supper club in the party bus told police there was no trouble at the club, according to the complaint. As the group left the club, a sedan stopped next to the parked bus. A man got out of the driver’s door and threw a glass or a bottle into the parking lot. The man, who was staggering and appeared very drunk, got back behind the driver’s wheel, did a U-turn and drove off, the witness said. A few minutes later, the same car passed the bus, and the driver shot multiple times through the sunroof, the witness said.

Investigators determined that Haywood and his sister had entered the club earlier, and that Haywood owned a four-door silver BMW sedan.

Police arrested Haywood after a traffic stop on Feb. 6. Police went to his home, found a BMW belonging to him and seized it the next day.

Investigators later searched Haywood’s home and found unspent .45-caliber cartridges inside a bottle of liquid soap and on top of a dresser. All of the unspent cartridges bore the same head-stamp as spent cartridge cases found at the shooting scene, the complaint said.