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TIRANA, Albania (AP) — A Kosovo court on Tuesday convicted a man for participating in terror groups in Syria and jailed him for five years.

The Pristina court said the man, identified only as M.D., went to Turkey with his wife and son in March 2013 and later crossed into neighboring Syria to join fighters of the Islamic State group.

In August 2017 he handed himself over to Turkish authorities, asking to be returned home.

It is not clear whether the verdict will be appealed.

In a separate trial, the same court in the capital, Pristina, convicted five others to prison terms “for participation in terror groups and other acts related to terrorism.” No details were given.

The five were sentenced from one to seven years in jail and also fined 600 to 3,500 Euros ($680 to $4,100) each.

Kosovo authorities claim no citizens have joined extremist groups in Syria and Iraq in the past three years or so. About 160 Kosovo citizens are believed to be with the groups there currently.