BERLIN (AP) — A man from Kosovo has been charged in Germany with supporting a terrorist organization on allegations he funneled money to the Islamic State in Syria and spread propaganda for the extremist group, federal prosecutors said Monday.

The suspect, identified only as Hasan B. in line with German privacy regulations, was charged Dec. 4 in Hamburg, prosecutors said.

B. is accused of facilitating the transfer of funds to an Islamic State fighter in Syria 11 times between 2016 and 2017 and contributing some of his own money as well. He’s additionally accused of transferring money to a Macedonian man in 2015 to help him travel to Syria to fight for the Islamic State group.

In 2015, B. is accused of starting a Facebook account for an Islamic State member and helped him use the account to spread Islamic State propaganda.

B. was arrested in June and has been in custody since.

In Kosovo, meanwhile, prosecutors filed charges Monday in separate cases against two ethnic Albanians accused of traveling to Syria to join terror groups. Both suspects were repatriated earlier this year from Syria. They could face between five and 10 years imprisonment.

Kosovo authorities say 30 of the country’s citizens are still actively supporting terror groups in Syria.