TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — The man who died in an gunfight in Tucson with law enforcement officers this month after fatally shooting a federal agent inside an Amtrak train faced multiple criminal charges in California, two Arizona newspapers reported.

Darrion Taylor, 26, had been released on bond from a jail in California’s Alameda County, sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Raymond Kelly told the Arizona Daily Star and the Arizona Republic.

Taylor had been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest in Alameda County, where he was arrested in 2020 on a warrant from Sacramento County on charges that included robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, the newspapers reported.

Authorities said Taylor was passenger on Amtrak’s Sunset Limited when the train stopped at the Tucson station en route to New Orleans from Los Angeles.

Authorities said Taylor fatally shot Special Agent Michael Garbo of the Drug Enforcement Administration while Garbo and other members of a regional task force of DEA agents and local police officers searched passengers’ luggage for contraband, authorities said.

A second DEA agent and a Tucson police officer were wounded in the gunfire.