BANGKOK (AP) — A giraffe that escaped from a truck while being transported to a zoo in Thailand was found dead in a drainage canal Thursday.

The animal was found about 500 meters (yards) from where it and another giraffe fled Tuesday when the truck slowed on a highway, police in Chachoengsao province said.

One giraffe was quickly recaptured, but the other ran into the woods even after being shot with a tranquilizer dart.

The animals were being transported to a breeding station after arrival at a Bangkok airport and were among several dozen animals imported by Safari World, a private zoo operator.

Torn lotuses in the canal suggested the giraffe thrashed about trying to escape the slippery ditch until he was exhausted and drowned, police Sub-Lt. Paisarn Pinkhintos said.

Paisarn said an autopsy would be conducted on the giraffe by Safari World.