SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. (AP) — A crash between two school buses east of Atlanta sent 15 students to a hospital to be checked Thursday, school officials said.

Further details on their conditions weren’t immediately known.

Social Circle police Chief Jeffrey Fuesting said the crash occurred on Ga. 11 around 9:40 a.m. Thursday.

Georgia State Patrol said one bus stopped short to avoid a crash in front of it. The second bus was following closely and hit the bus in the rear, according to authorities.

Two children from the first bus and 13 from the second bus were taken to Newton Piedmont Hospital for medical evaluation. School staff members meet the families at the medical facility.

It’s unclear how many students were on the buses or their ages. The remaining students were taken to school on a separate bus.

Authorities gave no indication whether storms sweeping the state on Thursday had anything to do with it.

Social Circle is in southern Walton County, about 45 miles (70 kilometers) east of Atlanta.

The Social Circle School District had said earlier that 22 students were taken to the hospital. But George State Police and school officials had no immediate explanation for the change in numbers.