STUART, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man stopped at the scene of a burning wreck and teamed up with a sheriff’s officer to save the woman inside just before the car exploded.

Tony Weisman told WPTV on Thursday he saw the front part of a car on fire when he pulled up to the crash in Stuart, Florida, and was told a woman was trapped inside.

“It was all adrenaline,” Weisman said.

An officer then arrived and the two men ran up to the car to get the woman out of the fire.

“I looked at him. And I said, ‘Let’s go get her,’” Martin County Sheriff Sgt. Timothy Baltes told the TV station.

The man and the sergeant pried the door open. One then grabbed her arms and the other her legs. The car exploded less than a minute after the pair pulled the woman to safety on Monday.

Rosie Ramirez, 21, is recovering in the hospital from serious injuries including multiple broken bones. She will have to learn to walk again.

“I feel like anyone would do the same thing,” Weisman said. “You see somebody in trouble, you just go help them.”